Sonic Branding

In this digital age, marketing and branding have become core elements of every business. A strong brand identity has proven to be essential in the way we connect with potential clients.

Most businesses have already developed their brand identity in the form of logo's, fonts, colours, etc... and this results in a nice consistency throughout their visual content. But when it comes to video content, we tend to forget that a viewer is not only watching but also listening. 

The major brands have already developed their brand identity into the sonic realm. In some cases it's a matter of 1 second sounds: take Netflix's "Tudduum" for instance. So recognisable!

But many smaller businesses who are running sponsored adds all over the internet are missing out on this tool to connect with potential clients.

Our sonic branding service is about defining your audio DNA and translating this into a sonic ecosystem that includes everything from a sonic signature (your jingle) to a catalogue of tailor-made music/audio. Imagine having an in-house stock of music and audio, unique to your brand identity. Your content creators will be able to work faster and will deliver more coherent material.

Together with you we will define your brand's core elements and through the strategic use of sound-elements (whether it is through voice, melody, rhythm, sound-design or even silence), we will complete your brand identity into the sonic realm.

In need of Sonic Branding?